(2019): vibraphone, violin, cello. Score.

I’ve always loved the seemingly innocuous sound of rustling leaves. It’s one of the only ways we are able to physically perceive the presence of the wind, aside from feeling the breeze on our skin. For me, there is a sort of magic there. When I find myself paying attention to that sound, it often evokes memories from many different times in my life. Just imagine how many times, and in how many different places you’ve heard that sound…walking to school, on a hike, on vacation, before a terrible storm, some time when you felt lonely…The omnipresence of the sound of rustling leaves has the ability to become associated with as many moments in your life as you let it and, in this way, has the potential to become powerfully evocative. For me, this is the real magic of the wind, and the power of the rustling leaves.


Selected for performance at the SCI 2020 National Conference at UT Arlington, Arlington, TX. October 8-10, 2020.

Performed by Martha Walvoord (vln), Tsun Kowk (vc), and Andrew Eldridge (vib) at Andrew Eldridge Percussion Faculty Recital on March 2, 2020 at UT Arlington, in Arlington, TX.

Recorded by Joseph Reding (vln), Alexander Davis-Pegis (vc), and Destin Wernicke (vib) and mixed by Anuj Bhutani in November 2019.

Premiered by Phoenix Abbo (vln), Alex Paradis (vc), and Destin Wernicke (vib) at “Spectrum: New Works from North Texas” on November 5, 2019 in Denton, TX.

Draft read by International Contemporary Ensemble in October 2018.